Good Times

In this history of Fayetteville’s nightspots and musicians, we celebrate the ancient human tradition of music and dance. These nightspots were – and still are – places where live music finds its most enthusiastic audience, where musicians practice a craft as old as time, where the drumbeat and lyrical voice travel straight to the heart for all who hear.

Among the hundreds of start-up bands pursuing their moment in the spotlight, some of Fayetteville’s bands and musicians have gone on to national, even international fame.

Perhaps more importantly, a steady stream of new talent, new sounds, new ideas attract passionate new audiences to join in the good times.

What strange cocktail of talent and public appreciation come together in this college town to produce such a rich legacy of irresistible music and the places and professionals who enable its existence? Only a historical view of this Ozark city, its musical artists, and its creative commons can begin to illustrate the full picture. Even then, some of it is simply magic.

Good Times: A History of Night Spots and Live Music in Fayetteville, Arkansas is hot off the presses! At 560 pages, this hefty tome chronicles the names and profiles of local bands, nightclubs, and affiliated industries like music stores and recording studios. The first chapter records the 19th century struggles over dance halls, music, and alcoholic drink. Don’t miss it!

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