He saw the blanketed form across the expanse of dark concrete, its shape faintly outlined by the distant street light. He strode toward it, afraid of what he would find. At the far edge of the parking lot, it lay prone within the fold of a black quilted cover. Hesitantly, he reached down and pulled back the blanket.

A naked female, her dark hair tossed against her shoulders and covering the side of her face, lay face down. Her waist tucked neatly before flaring to wide hips. His hand trembled slightly before he touched the shoulder, afraid she was dead, afraid he was falling in love just from the sight of her.

Warm. He exhaled a shaky breath.

Miss, Miss, are you awake?

He grasped her shoulders and pulled her over. Her breasts brushed his hands, luscious and full with dark nipples. Her thick hair streamed across her face and he tried to smooth it back, mesmerized by her beautiful full mouth and delicate features. She stirred with whimpering noises, and he did what he had to do, pulled her close to his chest and held her, comforted her, while her body shivered as if with cold.

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