Alternative Plan, Fayetteville

Here’s the plan proposed as an alternative to the three options selected by Garver:

This is the best idea. Why isn’t it being considered?

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Denele Campbell

Denele Campbell had her eye on writing from childhood. While pursuing her undergraduate degree in English, she filled her electives with poetry and fiction writing classes. Life then did what it does to everyone, tumbling through love, marriage and children, household and career, pets and pursuits, leaving Campbell to fit in bits and pieces of authorship. Newspaper columns, articles on local history, biographical profiles and small evocative essays kept her writing passion on a low simmer until retirement. Now devoting her full-time energy to writing, Campbell is plowing through thick files of ideas and half-finished manuscripts to produce fiction and non-fiction works.

2 thoughts on “Alternative Plan, Fayetteville”

  1. Mayor says he only has 10 million he can spend…what bothers me is that they sold the bond deal by tacking on fire stations and a new police headquarters etc. and 1st thing we see is this “artsy fartsy “ thing that the Walton’s have their hands all over.

    Ruth G. Collier
    479 582 0019 plz leave msg

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