Bacon and Other Non-AI Considerations

Look, we’ve already been through this. We went to a lot of trouble to adjust a biological form so that we could exist in it. A LOT of trouble.

Now, thanks to some of us, it looks like we’re headed back to a mechanical existence with Artificial Intelligence (AI), potentially ‘smarter’ than us embodied critters who struggle with the duality of animal/spirit existence. Sometimes the animal overrides our sense, our integrity, and bad things happen. Then there’s the annoying bit of bodily maintenance what with all the aches, pains, and annoyance of eating, sleeping, waking, walking, and cleaning up after ourselves. Then, as the saying goes, we die.

But we’ve forgotten why we went to all the trouble in the first place. We were BORED! What is the pleasure of existing forever in a form that can’t smell or taste bacon? What about the joy of standing outside after a rain and inhaling fresh moist air? The thrill of snow? What about splashing in a stream? Catching a fish? Digging in a garden? Holding a purring cat?

What about beholding the vista of distant snow-capped mountains? Or of the mighty sea as its lapping waves caress our feet?

What about meeting someone who triggers that amazing animal instinct called mating? Oh, the touching, kissing, the wondering and weeping, the throes of orgasm as we curl into our mate? The warmth of hugging, holding.

We seem to have forgotten the reasons we exist in this hybrid form, this animal with a mysterious intellect that can’t seem to fully elucidate itself. The animal gives our emotions, our senses of taste, smell, hearing, sight, and touch. The animal understands running, swimming, climbing. The animal creates its own future by reproducing adorable little versions of ourselves. The animal knows the overwhelming smack-you-in-the-forehead ecstasy of physical existence.

So now some smart asses are grabbing their claim to fame with their AI creation, mini-wannabe gods who will set us back a few million years to when we first started tinkering with the ape form in the hopes of taking a ride inside. Hasn’t their ilk done enough already, what with assault rifles and nuclear weapons?

I mean, okay, I enjoy running water, air conditioning, and supermarket shelves full of choices. I prefer using a motor vehicle to travel near and far rather than my feet or the horse. Television is nice and, admittedly, this communique comes to you via computer and the internet. But look where that has brought us!

So, in conclusion fellow hybrids, are really going to send ourselves out of our lovely bodies?

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